Students Hold the Key to the Election – So go and vote!

As students, we at Insight realise the responsibility we have to express our views and beliefs. However this doesn’t seem to be commonplace among the majority of students today, which is concerning.

There is an election coming up in May, something which students could have a huge effect on if they turn up to vote. Students are at the heart of many issues that are brought upon us by the ‘political elite’ today and this is their chance to change that.

There’s the ongoing tuition fees, the housing crisis, general living costs rising and the struggles to find jobs. However, students fail to engage themselves properly to change these issues when it actually comes to elections.

Only 32% of 18-24 year olds are certain to vote in May, which is a worrying statistic for a group that holds such power. We as a section of society have power to change issues that affect us every day and fail to take control of that.

Our lack of affiliation to parties means we are flexible and a group that the parties should be trying to grab. I understand the parties are not aiming as us, but the way to make them do that is to vote and show them the power we have.

Go in and Vote (Photo courtesy of secretlondon123)
Go in and Vote (Photo courtesy of secretlondon123)

A recent study showed students as a group have the power to change the result of the election as whole if we go out and vote. We could effectively decide who runs our country for the next five years and it feels like not enough of us understand that. So over the next few months, engage with it all and understand the power you have. When it comes to May, there’s only one thing you have to do, go to a polling station and tick a box. It doesn’t matter who for, just go and do it, because it matters and you need to have your voice heard.

Liam Feaviour


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